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Adult Counselling

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Adult counselling is available for individuals who would like support, guidance, understanding, empathy and compassion regarding the circumstances that guide them to counselling. Each session is client-focused and client-driven to allow personal control of the issues discussed and the pace that suits individual needs.

Psych'd is passionate about working with victims of trauma and assisting with exploring ways to reduce the impacts on daily functioning and improving emotional health. Experiences of trauma, coping with and processing the trauma is extremely difficult. It is sometimes hard to find someone to trust and discuss very personal experiences such as sexual, emotional, financial and physical abuse, domestic violence, grief and loss or other life-changing events. These experiences have impacts on daily life which are hard to deal with, leaving the feeling of having to cope alone. Experiences include anxiety, depression, phobias, stress and other psychological and physical impacts. Psych'd ensures you will receive space to talk about these personal issues and receive understanding, empathy and compassion. 

Humanistic, behavioural and psychodynamic counselling frameworks will be used during sessions with a selection of therapeutic interventions to suit an individual's needs, wants and goals of the therapeutic journey.

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